Comments by Physicians, Scientists, and Corporate Executives

"[The Reiss Motivation Profile] is a great tool and [these last two years] I had the chance to work with more than 400 people in coaching, leadership, conflict, and team settings. I only had three people who disagreed with their profiles. These two years taught me a lot and sharpened my awareness for people. [Professor Reiss] created something extraordinary."

        -- Alexander J. Steinmetz, President, People's Edge

"I have been using the Reiss Motivation Profile for Sports (RMP-S) with nationally competing synchronized skating teams and figure skaters. In addition to giving the skaters a better understanding of themselves, the RMP-S has been instrumental in helping the coaches I'm working with establish a better understanding of both individual skaters and team dynamics. More importantly, the profile's outcomes have provided these coaches with a platform for shifting and evolving their own strategies, enhancing athletic performance and giving their skaters an even greater competitive edge."

        -- Michael J. Formica, MS, MA, EdM

"Professor Reiss is the only person, to my knowledge, who has put together the most comprehensive and evidence based model of intrinsic motivations. The creation of the Reiss Motivation Profile is an extraordinary achievement .... "

        -- Bernardo A. Merizalde, M. D.

"The RMP leads to new levels of understanding why people behave the way they do."

        -- Ken Olson, Ph.D.

"Professor Reiss discovered a basic natural system."

        -- Alexey Kornilov, M.D.

Corporate Executives of Company with $58 Billion in Annual Sales

"As you might expect, I've taken a lot of tests over the years. This one made things very clear. Why I've chosen the positions I have. Why I do the things I do. Why my husband drives me nuts sometimes."

        -- Executive at large telecommunications company

"Great test. Thanks for letting me participate. I can't wait to utilize what I've learned at work and at home."

        -- Account Manager at large telecommunications company

"I must say that I was quite impressed with how accurate the results of the assessments were. And very enlightening. I knew those results intrinsically, but it wasn't until the results of this assessment were presented to me that I was able to actually see the areas in which I feel that I need to strengthen within my professional abilities. And seeing graphically where I fall within each category, and where others that I work with may fit into those categories differently was like a light bulb flashing on for me. It definitely provided me with great insight to move forward within my role with the company more effectively. Thank you very much."

        --IT Specialist at large telecommunications company

Feedback From Schools

"When I presented the results of the rating in my first time using this scale, all 4 participants were really impressed with the discussion. It was far more useful than the BASC that is the only rating scale the district provides. This rating scale I purchased on my own because the district did not okay it to be purchased it with my budget money. Ironically or not, there was a district rep at this meeting who was impressed. The principal emailed me the next day asking to administer the rating scale to another student. The parent response was why didn't the elementary school do something like this- referring to the roundtable discussion that resulted in a very accurate picture of the student. So far all those whom I have shared this rating scale with like the wonderful insights that can be gained to support interventions."

        -- A school psychologist

"About 90% of the [200] students have been surprised how precise this test has been. There have been lots of comments like this: How can this test show so clearly what kind of person I am? I am confused that this test is so clear. How can you say all that even if you don't know me? As a school counselor, I found the Reiss Motivation Profile very useful."

        -- Marjaana Herlevi-Turunen, School Counselor, Tampere, Finland